Layth Mahdi
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Layth Mahdi - Robotic Research


Robotic Fabrication in Incremental Post Tensioning of Stone

Quarra Matter Fellowship is a prestigious research OPPORTUNITY provided by Quarra Stone Company and Matter Design Studio in the United States for two graduate students from the university of michigan and mit.

This research challenges the standard stone construction which mainly relies on vertical stacking. The project studies the potential of Incremental Post-Tensioning of Stone Structure without the need for a scaffolding. The canopy stands on a one point and cantilevers 5m. This is made possible through Stainless Steel rods which compress the canopy into one structural system. The organic form of stone is milled on highly advanced 7 axis kuka industrial robot at quarra robotic facility.

Team: Layth Mahdi, Zain Karsan, Wes Mcgee, Brandon Clifford, Quarra Stone
Material: Indiana Limestone