Layth Mahdi

Layth Mahdi - CAAD Display Wall

Photo Credits: Juan Roldan, Bill Sarnecky, Layth Mahdi

Photo Credits: Juan Roldan, Bill Sarnecky, Layth Mahdi


This design/build project proposes the integration of a table, seating, and display area at the side entryway of a college of architecture. The project combines a family of functions into a hybrid structure defining the side entry to the College and providing a much needed exterior study and gathering place. Just outside the entrance linking the College to the Student CENTER, a long table creates a communal seating and gathering space, providing a space where students can gather or work, or a place to simply sit and sip morning coffee. Just inside the College and adjacent to the gallery space, a display case and wall provide lit and secure exhibition of objects or multimedia displays.

At the entry door to the building, a glass display vitrine connects and provides a transitional element between the interior display wall and the exterior study table—both physically and formally. Ultimately, the design links interior space and function with the exterior grounds of the College, extending an open hand of invitation to the University community providing a place of exchange between architecture students and their colleagues from different colleges.

Bill Sarnecky, Layth Mahdi, And students.